The story of Tania and her days of change

Tania Begums work starts from the crack of dawn. Managing the rearing of 5 cow, 2 goats and a busy clothing shop is hard work. Therefore as days pass, her workload is increasing, however this wasnt always the case for Tania begum.

Tania Begum is the daughter of Akhmol, a farmer in the village of Bakhorbar in Amuria, Magura. Tania is the oldest amongst 8 other siblings. Just at the age of 14, she was married to Md. Shaheb ali of the village of Batikbari, Amuria. Her husbands household income was very limited which came from just a small piece of land and a local clothing shop. Starting a family and giving birth to a daughter and 2 sons meant greater financial pressure for the young growing family. This encouraged them to take a decision to increase the inventory of their clothing shop however lack of capital made it impossible to do so.

At a time like this, she heard about an ADI women’s samity (Group) gathering in the neighboring house. Later in 30th October of 2000, she becomes a member of ADI’s Batikbari women samity (group) with the help of the spokeswoman of the samity. First she tooka loan of BDT 5000 and adds BDT 12,000 of her own, a combined capital of BDT 17,000 and invests in her clothing shop by increasing inventory. She made a profit of BDT 5000 from following sales. She then took a 2nd, 3rd and 4th loan of BDT 7, 10 and 15 Thousand respectively . She made a profit from her business with the help of the 3 loans amounting to BDT 70,000. On the 5th, 6th and 7th loan of BDT 15, 20 and 20 thousand , also adding a portion of her previous income , she made a profit amounting to almost BDT 1,00,000.

Now, in the hope of improving the livelihood for herself and her family, she took the decision to diversify her business by accumulating capital from her 8th loan of BDT 30,000 from ADI and combining her personal earnings from her profits, she took the decision to purchase a dairy cow. Taking good care of her cow and grass feeding it resulted in greater dairy production. After all expenses, Tania makes a profit of BDT 31,000 from selling milk. She later purchased 2 more dairy cows using her 9th loan from ADI. With the help from her husband and her family in selling milk and operating their clothing shop, after expenses the family generates an income of BDT 33,200. On her 10th loan of BDT 40,000 from ADI, she bought more inventories for her shop and another dairy cow. She expected a profit of BDT 35,000 from this investment.

After becoming a member of ADIs Batikbari women samity, she opened a saving account in ADI and deposited BDT 100 every week. She now has a savings of over BDT 18,000. Beside this, she also has her personal savings of BDT 12,000. Tania withdrew BDT 8,000 from her savings and bought 2 baby goats.

Tania now is the proud owner of 50 decimal land , 2 concrete houses, 5 dairy cows, 2 goats and a successful clothing shop in the bazaar.

Tania has a future business plan of running a large scale dairy farm. For this she seeks the advice, guidance and partnership of Alternative development initiative (ADI). Tania believes and says even small capital investments can seek profitable results if the business plan is well thought out.