Agrosor (Micro enterprise loans)


Under this program, through the use of microcredit, borrowers can add additional capital investment thus creating further employment and expansion opportunities for their own existing businesses on weekly and monthly basis, at a rate of 13.1% service charge. The beneficiaries of the program are small scale local entrepreneurs who own and operate bakeries, small and medium cottage manufacturers, loom workshops, tailoring, Mini Garments, stationary stores, food supply in the hotel businesses, timber, soil, cattle, poultry farms, food processing, small clinics and other small businesses.

Achievement :

Small enterprise loan program is operated by 18 branches, which is distributed by 257 shomiti and total members are 1041. Till june 2014 ADI disbursed 36.22 crore taka among 5584 members. Presently the loan status among 886 member 3.85 crore taka, general savings status is 1.23 crore taka. Cumulative loan collection rate 99.67%. In this program total loan cooperation from PKSF is 28% on Loan Status. And rest of the amount manages internally.
Below are the target fixation for the fiscal year 2013-14 :

SL Details Goals Achievement
1 Member 1,358 1,014
2 Savings Collection 57,12,077 56,12,077
3 Saving Status 160,17,567 122,59,680
4 Debtor Member 1,321 886
5 Loan Disbursed 720,17,000 716,10,000
6 Loan Status 375,59,000 385,30,253

In Fiscal year 2013-2014 loan disburse among 1,041 Entrepreneur’s, Agriculture- 199 member amount 72 lac 60 thousand taka, Proceeding 35 member amount 11 lac 90 thousand taka, buy/sell project 556 member, amount 2 crore 46 lac 16 thousand taka and service project 78 member amount disbursed 45 lac 37 thousand taka.

Implementation effect :

new local ventures, and direct and indirect employment opportunities has been created

Members to increase income and their standard of living

Members are to develop skills to successfully plan and implement their business venture

Members are encouraged to invest more capital and increase their business efficiency

Future Plan :

Geographical expansion of the action area

To create more employment opportunities locally

Small and medium-sized enterprises to increase investment in their business to take their business to a new level

Through the formation of organized groups, members are encouraged to make their own savings fund.

Beneficiaries are more confident about their self-development, Conscious about own right and increase their Competence and productivity.

As a result of proper utilization of such loans multiple small entrepreneurs have been created