Buniad (Ultra poor loans)

Ultra poor loans ( Buniad ) are provided to the people who are living at the extreme corner of the poverty line such as beggars, the landless, the homeless people living in river eroded and char areas, elderly unemployed, physically challenged, incompetent people living off others and families and family members with no income source,  in order to bring them in a position where they can fulfill their basic fundamental needs and update their civil status. UPP loan range 6000/= to 12000/= which are given for one year with 10% (flat rate) service charge per year. The weekly savings of UPP loan is only 10/=. 8,136 borrowers Buniad upgraded to other program.

Implementation effects :

Upgraded standard of living of ultra-poor people

Encourage Ultra-poor to create own savings fund

Involve them in income generating activities

Future plan:

Continuing the current activities of the ultra-poor program

Train them for developing their skill for their self-employment and self sufficiency

Expansion of this program broadly so that the aid can reach a mass geographical area