ADI Profile

About Alternative Development Initiative :

Alternative Development Initiative (ADI) is a voluntary development Organization formed in 1993 and has been working for the development of the capacity of the rural population through community participation in development activities thus improving their socio-economic and human values.

Organization’s Legal Status :

taken below mentioned registrations from the Register Authority.SL No

SL Institute Name Year of Registration Registration No.
1 Department of Social Services December 1993 DH-03020
2 The NGO Affairs Bureau 18th February 1995 F.D-902
3 Joint Stock Company 15th November 2001 S-2642 (55) / 2001
4 Microcredit Regulatory Authority 20th July 2008 00711-00027-0000303

Organization has:

Organization has 15 eminent General Assembly Member, they take the decision of annual report, audit report review, approve budget of the organization, including the basic regulations decision of the organization. 5 eminent Members of Management committee amalgamate for the quarterly meeting. Sincere efforts & advice from the organization’s Management Committee, organizations sustainable development is going forward. Mohsen Ara Begum, the Executive Director is responsible for the overall management of the organization. Her task is to assist the central administration, program and accounting department. Regional Office under the supervision of the central office to oversee the activities of the branch level.