Jagoron (Rural microcredit)

Over the past two twenty years ADI has been providing capital under the RMC program to the poor community to involve them in profitable and income generating activities to improve their standard of living. This program is being implemented by involving Landless, working families, marginal farmers, widows, divorced and who are living below the standard of poverty by organizing regular weekly meeting.

Achievement :

At present, this program is operating in 7 District by 14 branches and 994 Groups with 19398 Members. Cumulative loan disbursement of BDT 3070 million to 74788 members up to June 2014. Current loan outstanding BDT 1283 million, savings balance is BDT 504 million and member 14227. Cumulative loan recovery rate 99.50%. PKSF contributed 34% and rest of the fund collect from internal source of the organization.

Target and achievement in 2013-2014 fiscal year shown below :

SL Particular Target Achieve Achieving Rate
1 Member 19,794 19,398 98.00%
2 Savings Collection 2,21,01,872 2,55,88,200 115.77%
3 Savings Balance 4,76,59,559 5,03,68,959 105.68%
4 Borrower 15,518 14,722 91.68%
5 Loan Disburse 24,88,52,000 22,97,73,000 92.33%
6 Loan out standing 13,61,31,963 1,28,329,775 94.27%

Implementation effects :

Through the formation of organized groups, members are encouraged to make their own savings fund.

Beneficiaries are more confident about their self-development, Conscious about own right and increase their Competence and productivity.

As a result of proper utilization of such loans multiple small entrepreneurs have been created

Future plan :

Expansion of working area

Organize backward people

Increase awareness of member about livelihood development and employment